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Mickey Noam-Alon Photography


With ten years of experience communicating humanitarian response and development programs around the world, I’m committed to delivering stories of communities in respectful and impactful ways. Favoring the nuanced details, and utilizing creative means of storytelling.


Stuff I did:


2014 – May 2018



Communications Director

In-charge of documentation, press and Public Relations.

Managing, training and on-going support for staff and deployed photographers.

Producing written and visual communication materials that reflects communities’ strengths, resilience and opportunities.

Creating and implementing a responsible communication policy.

Managing social media, websites and online campaigns.



2011 – 2014


Freelance Photographer for NGOs (stills/video)

Deployment with first emergency teams to humanitarian crises, and documenting on-going programs.

Producing stills, video campaigns and short films.





Israel International Photography Festival

Artistic Producer

Producing exhibitions. Coordinating artists, speakers and activities. Managing suppliers and logistics. PR and Social Media.




Freelance Photojournalist.

News, editorial and magazine photography.