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Mickey Noam-Alon Photography


As an independent Photographer, I focus on human rights, social and political aspects of natural disasters, globalization and conflicts.

The aftermath of a natural disaster opens a period of time where facts are no longer facts. the structures have changed, sometimes dramatically, and we need to find new ways to coop with the reality of destruction, uncertainty and grief.
those are windows that reflect basic, fundamental questions regarding human behaviors, reviled by the extreme state we are thrown to. perhaps we tend to cling to something so we could hold reality together. is it friends or community? is it faith? how do we gain new powers to overcome? after all our “things” are gone, back to point zero, what is left?
what is important?
I arrive, as part of my work with humanitarian aid agencies, as soon as possible. sometimes i stay for a week, sometimes i stay for months. I’m not interested in the event itself, but the randomly organized mess it leaves, in which i try to find specific structures.  The scene changes rapidly because our wish to repair and the powers of life-moving-on are incredible.

News and Editorial Freelance Photographer. 2009-Current.

Stills and Videos for “IsraAID”, Physicians for Human Rights,  PCFF and more,  2010-Current.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

“Things to come”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2013

“Time is limited”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2013

“Hurricane Sandy”. ArtWestchester, NY, USA, 2013

“Menofim”, Art Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2012

“Musrara-Mix” Art Festival, Jerusalem, Israel, 2010, 2012.

“D for Dimension”,  Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel 2011

“Continues Action”, Tel-Aviv Port, Israel, 2010

“Refuge City”, ART-TLV Event, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2009


Graduated Photography at Naggar (Musrara) School for Photography, Israel 2010